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Friday, May 06, 2005

Kitten Powered Goodness

Found this wonderful rant on console hype via, although I'd like to point out that this is perhaps the best comment I've ever read in response to any blog post anywhere, ever:

Maybe the Playstation 3 will have a kitten inside it. An adorable, tiny kitten.

It's spooky to watch the hype machine in action. I almost got embroiled in a deep conversation about the XBox being a "media station" and all the insane jazz that would mean, until I reminded my friend about all the hubub about the PS2 being a DVD player.

How many people do you know actually use their PS2 as their DVD player? I know one. Everyone else I know got, you know, DVD players with features they actually wanted. Like a remote that wasn't optional.

These consoles will make our eyes water, I'm sure. All of em. What they won't do is change our lives, no matter how many pictures of a power button Microsoft publishes.


Unknown said...

It would be cute, but eventually that kitten would want out, and would start howling. Then it wouldn't be so cute.

And people would want to free the kittens, breaking their PS3.

Unless it was a cyborg-kitten, wired into the PS3, a kitten who watched everything you did and reported it to Sony for marketing purposes. But then it would be an adorable, tiny, evil kitten.

Which might change your life.

Josh said...

Well, this is Sony - so I'm fairly certain that evil robotic kittens is how would turn out, even if the design document said "Make a Gerbil"