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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Cue Spooky Antimusic

While Doom 3 seemed to be a loveithateit type game (I loved it), it would be hard to argue that the game didn't have merits on a lot of it's production values. For instance, the music:

I experimented with defining this new antimusic we were set on using. Doom³'s score would feature no traditional instruments except for a bit of piano and choir. Otherwise the entire score is purely electronic in nature. My sounds were built from various sources, including the FS1R and CS6X from Yamaha, Korg's M1, WaveStation and X5DR synths, an Emu Audity 2000 and an Alesis DMPro on the hardware side. In software, sources included countless sample libraries running on two GigaStudio machines, Native Instruments' Reaktor, Absynth, and Vokator, Atmosphere from Spectrasonics, and many custom recorded and designed sounds.

Interested? Check out the full postmortem at Music 4 Games. It gets pretty technical, from that audio geek point of view, but worth a scan.

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