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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's like being at Delphi

Stuff's been going eirely predictable lately, like some kind of bad Volkswagen commercial.

Tapwave is "transitioning", and surely the reasons are numerous but some kinda obvious. Gizmodo probably says it best:

But the Zodiac, for all its shortcomings (namely, not being the PSP), is a pretty neat device, especially if you just want a Palm PDA that can occasionally play games. What’s sad, though, is that this all happened a week ago and we just now noticed.


Winkyboy said...

Yeah, I saw this on Gizmodo yesterday too, and it's really too bad. It's strange with computers/ game systems: We need competition to keep things evolving, yet we need consolidation to keep things working. Now, if there were two differently-branded handhelds that could play against each other, that might be something different. But as it is, Joey over there wants to have the same toys as Jeff does.

So the less-popular toys lose out. :(

Josh said...

Interestingly there's a follow up on gizmodo where I guess the editor got somewhat tounge-lashed for declaring the platform dead. So I guess there's still a somewhat rabid base, even if they aren't aware that the barely alive platform is now even less barely alive.

It is sad to see good ideas go by the wayside. Oddly if they had bothered with proper OSX support, I'd probably get one.