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Friday, May 06, 2005

I do not exist

Found this interesting column on Technology Review decrying the non-existence of gaming blogs

OK, on a very very small scale there's a point to be made here. Gaming blogs aren't exactly a dime a dozen. Not compared to political blogs or "look what my cat ate last night" type blogs. But this guy just didn't bother doing his research. Does he mention Penny Arcade or Game Girl Advance? Did he bother googling, to see just what's out there? He mentions Joystiq ... and well ... Gamespot?

There's a pretty sizeable game blog community, it's just a little hard to see. Eric seriously misses an opportunity to do some decent digging and spotlight a few of them here, posting instead something of a fluff piece apparently based on some conversation he had at a bar:

The idea for this column came about as a result of a conversation I had at South by Southwest with Jason Goldman, chief of staff at Google's Blogger. He was very interested in the intersection of videogames and blogs. I pitched the idea to Brad and expected the story to revolve heavily around a conversation I would have with Jason to go on the record and learn more about his efforts. Unfortunately, Jason's on vacation for two weeks -- well outside my deadline.

What the? Hey Eric ... there's this marvelous research tool called the Internet you might be familiar with. Google even has a web interface, so you don't have to go all person to person to get information from them.

We're out here Eric. You don't have to wait for Microsoft or some other corporation to own the blogspace of gaming for us to emerge. We're here. Many of us would be happy to chat in fact.

EDIT: Funny thing is - that article has no trackback, comment post or even email link to the author. I think maybe Technology Review needs to do a little light reading on the last five years.


A. LaMosca said...

Wow, what an article. So annoying, I had to blog my own reply. Pity I couldn't email it to Hellweg myself.

My post on the subject is here, if you're interested.

Josh said...

Good response. I was never able to get their contact form to work (sigh) so I ended up emailing the Tech Review Editor in Chief directly:

jason.pontin at

Naturally, no response yet...

Tony said...

Thanks for the mention. Of course, I had to say something, too. In a way, we are becoming like a political blogs, pointing out mistakes by the "MSM". We plow through the marketing and media hype and dish it out straight.

And that's a good thing.