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Friday, May 06, 2005

It gets better.

I tried to send the following email to Technology Review. If I didn't mention your name, please don't yell or anything - I was really trying to make more of a point than a shout out.

This is in response to Eric Hellweg's article on gaming blogs. It seems that Eric could have done a little more research on what blogs ARE actually out there, even if the Blogmaster of Google was out of office for a while.

So for his benefit, here's a quick primer.

Penny Arcade is a comic that posts also posts a blog with oodles of gaming op/ed:

Game Girl Advance is a fairly old gaming blog, infamous for it's Rez column on vibration (google it):

One of my personal faves is gewgaw - the personal blog of Robin Hunicke, who studies game design at Northwestern:

Kotaku is part of the gawker group:

GameDevBlog is specifically from an insider's look at how games get designed:

The Independant Gaming Source covers the indie scene quite well:

Dreamy Gamer is also from a developer's point of view: ... she may be moving her website soon

I'm missing tons here. Grumpy Gamer. The Ludologist. Costik's site. I mean, there's tons. There's and I personally write one from both the angle of both an avid gamer and hobbyist developer at ...

See, the annoyance here is that these blogs don't have a lot of exposure angles. By announcing that there's a dirge of them and then not even bothering to try and spotlight those that DO exist, Eric does an injustice to the game blog community that is out there.

Hope this is going to the right inbox ... wasn't sure from your contact page.

Now here is the punchline. The Contact Us page at MIT's Technology Review doesn't work You got that? It's broked. It returns nothing but "document contains no data". These guys are writing commentary on internet technology and they can't even keep an email form running.

Seriously, it could make a grown man weep. Or at least groan a little. Try sending Brad King, their Web Editor a message yourself and see what happens.

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