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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Points to this and simply mutters that I've got a similar idea, but without the 90% recycled goods. I don't normally talk about stuff until I have it working though, but the traffic here shouldn't raise much complaints about unfinished projects (remember Unreal Defense Squad? Right then.)

Anyway, my latest has been writing/adapting an XMLRPC server for iTunes called iSiam which would open the audio data for other apps to use. Most notably games. I've got two projects lined up for this tech, the first one with some game logic (using Torque) down.

It's just always neat to pencil out an idea thinking, "wonder why nobody thought of that" ... and then realizing that naturally someone has.


Winkyboy said...

Hey, I'm still a regular here - *I* remember UDS... but I know how it is - again, too many things, too little RL time.

Josh said...


Well my current excuse is no dev environment. Once that's resolved (could be a few months) then I'll probably guilt myself into finishing it somewhat.