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Friday, March 14, 2008

TV Watch: Lost, Ji Yeon

This was a bit of a meh episode for me - but not exactly bad. I'm generally a Sun and Jin fan, so even if everything plotwise seemed to slide towards the inevitable it was at least fairly fun to watch. Not a lot of revelations here - just twists and turns to get us from point A to point B.

And talking about bizarre - if you thought that was stunt actress and Death Proof star Zoe Bell in the quick role as a freightie - you would be right.

Even with these constant points of bizarre - I do like that it feels like the worlds outside the island is slowly beginning to emerge. We know that the island's effects aren't limited to the shores. We're seeing that time is warped not just for the extreme situations like Des but for everyone as well. There's an culminating theory on the net that the "H20" references are linked to the rushing water sound we hear with scene transitions - in that water is some kind of conduit for the island itself.

I can't figure out if seeing Michael is surprising or not. It was always suspicious that leaving the island would be as easy as just heading out in one direction (especially on that kind of boat). It does bring up questions like where's Walt and what's up with the amnesia and all ... but it isn't like we saw him die or anything.

My guess? If anyone gets the axe next week - Michael would be my pick. In a show about redemption, Michael has a lot of redeem at this point.

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