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Sunday, March 09, 2008

TV Watch: Lost, The Other Woman

So far this is shaping up to be one solid season. So far there's been very little fluff and The Other Woman keeps up that pace. We get some island suspense with the all too ghostly version of Harper, women smacking each other around, some insight (from Ben though) on Widmore and some recap on the events from The Others' POV on the plane crash.

One mismatch for me though was Juliet's suspicion that Ben set Goodwin up to die and her comments towards Jack. If Ben, through Jacob or whatever, has enough foresight to plot a man's death merely by sending him into the jungle weeks before his death ... it really seems like Juliet still has some explaining to do. I can't tell if she was inferring Ben "killed" Goodwin just by forcing him to stay out until it was inevitable that he get found out nor can I tell if she's less aware of the fact that Harper probably wasn't really Harper out in the jungle.

Also - odd how she just accepted the "can't argue against the list" argument. What makes these lists exactly?

And if Locke was trying to keep down a mutiny, giving Ben yard privileges was probably a bad career choice. Anyone else think its about time for a return of a Sawyer Long Con? I did love Claire's line about waving guns around - clearly indicating that Locke is falling into the same destructive tactics Ben was already employing. Locke and Ben might become buds a la Sayid and Ben in the long run. Heck, might have been Locke in that coffin.

One of the firm debates left behind is whether Ben is "bad" or Widmore is "bad" ... which side represents the white and which the black. At this point, my guess is that they just represent opposing forces ... neither being "good" or "bad". Well, mostly neither being "good".

The possibility that all of Ben's "info" is a lie can't be ruled out, of course.

1 comment:

Iliketrees said...

Meh, i wasn't such a huge fan of this episode, especially after last weeks; which i thought was phenomenal.

Still, as you say, great season so far :D