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Sunday, March 09, 2008

iPhone Game Development

Another aspect of iPhone development that won praise from many Mac game developers is the App Store, Apple's method for offering users iPhone applications. Steve Jobs indicated that developers will be able to sell their games or applications through the App Store for a 70/30 split -- Apple will retain 30 percent of the revenue, and won't charge developers anything additionally for bandwidth, credit card processing or marketing.

"I'm amazed they're giving developers that much," said Bruce Morrison, a producer at Freeverse Software, which has already sketched out in broad strokes its initial plan for iPhone games. "Other systems like that aren't nearly as generous."
-- Game Developers Rev Up for iPhone

It's so ... dreamy. Mac developers have a solid SDK, audience and a marketplace for games? Now I really want one.


Admin said...

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Sims Kingdom said...

I have been working on a game lately. The thing I notice is that because of the NDA that apple had in place for so long the amount of information is amazingly small. Although apple itself does have a decent amount of documentation in the form of example programs and this is what i have resorted to for learning how to write my basic app. Later on I plan on learning some of the things required for Opengl games, I would love to team up with some others who are also looking to do the same.

Anyway, keep up the good fight.
Chris McIntosh Designs

Steven said...
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Steven said...

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