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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

TV Watch: Lost, The Constant

I don't have a lot of time because I'm basically running the laptop in (less than) half hour bursts here in Spain, due to some mechanical malfunctions and the laws of physics concerning 220 v 110.

Short version - excellent episode and I love that they may have actually framed their entire narrative structure within Desmond's "condition". It, in fact, justifies some of the complete bizarreness we saw with "Jesus Des" - that honestly felt more like a hackneyed excuse to keep Henry Ian around than anything else.

Great creepy moment: Widmore bidding on the Black Rock painting...

Anywho - buenos dios!


sterno said...

Excuse me, but shouldn't you be busy eating Jamon and Manchego and sipping Sangria? Oh and if you haven't had it, I highly recommend Pacharin (sp?) on ice as an after lunch drink. It's a tasty herbal liquor. Makes for a nice siesta :)

Clamatius said...

I think this was the best Lost episode in a long time. Pretty mindblowing.

One thing that I did wonder - if the future-transported rat learned how to do the maze in the future, how does that work out given that it dropped dead within the 75 minutes that Desmond was out? Sure looks like a multiple-timelines kinda thing to me.

Have fun in Spain!