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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Rain In Spain

About to head out of the office to stop by the homestead, throw together the last aspects of packing and then head to O'Hare. We're going to be stopping over in London and then off to Spain for about a week - which is insane amount of time to be vacationing for us. We're bringing a similarly insane amount of audiobooks and movies to counter the 11 hours of flying (for one way) ahead of us.

The rain in Spain, by the way, apparently does not fall mainly in the plains. It's well dispersed and we look forward to possibly seeing some of in the small city and nearby towns.

Keep the country safe, peeps.


Tony said...

Very cool, Josh. I love Spain, having lived there for two years. Where are you planning to visit? Can't wait to hear about it.

Josh said...

We're in Estepona, outside Malaga on the southwest coast. I think we're planning on driving out to some areas around here and maybe even catch the ferry to Algiers. Any recommendations would be sweet :)