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Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh right, The Oscars

We've evolved Oscars Night carefully over the years into a finely honed excuse to drink with friends on a Sunday. This year the WGA strike really threw a curveball at us though because nobody seemed to realize it was on until it was, well, on and all.

As usual, I've seen none of the movies yet. It's sad but the reality is that most Oscar nominees are the kind of movies we're very willing to wait on DVD. So the Oscars are usually mixed drinks and wild guessing about movies we have no real idea about - mostly only fun in a group setting.


Unknown said...

Seeing Javier Bardem on the big screen is pretty much worth the money. Evil is always fascinating, but evil that fills the movie screen like he does it even better.

Mark said...

The Oscars didn't do very well in the ratings this year, partially because they were quasi-hidden - or perhaps it was just that I've watched little besides Discovery, Bravo and BBC since the strike.

The movies they all think are Oscar-Worthy are just not the kind of movies I like to watch. In 2006 I only saw one of the movies nominated for the Best Picture Oscar (Little Miss Sunshine) I thought it was ok, good enough for a rental but nothing very special. I haven't seen any of the ones nominated in 2007.

I guess I'm just not very mainstream any more, though I've read part of the reason why the Oscars didn't do well commercially is that the movies are critically hailed but all did poorly at the Box Office, meaning actual real people thought they were merely ok as well.