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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where's Your TV?

In case you were wondering when your favorite show is returning in the wake of the WGA strike, TV Guide has a great rundown of what show is returning when.

Pushing Daisies is held until fall due the physics surrounding a certain show that rhymes with Midol. Sarah Connor Chronicles has an uncertain fate at this point, but I for one am hoping for more of Summer Glau with titanium exoskeleton.


Deacon said...

I feel obligated to point out that she has a titanium endoskeleton. Even were she to lose her flesh it would still count as an endoskeleton.

Actually, come to think of it, aren't terminators entirely metal under their skin? So wouldn't it be considered just a regular skeleton? It's not like it's metal over bone, right?

Josh said...

That's a good point.

Which has also, with this series and the terminators being all body snatcher like has made me wonder a couple times ... aren't they really heavy?

It's one thing when Arnie is breaking through walls - but should we think that someone would marry one of these without noticing?

Or did I miss an inshow explans on how the T-888 (which is a "deep infilitrator" after all) uses some human weighted alloy....