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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Movie Watch: Bee Movie

This was another one we saw on the flight back from Spain and honestly I should have warned you lot about it earlier. Honestly this movie is just not terribly good. It's hard to say it's outright bad - but ... ok it's just outright bad. It's not a lack of talented voice actors or the quality of animation is the problem here - it's just lousy writing. Maybe this kind of non sequitur, head-scratcher of a tangle works in kid's movie and sure, Bee Movie is something of a family film - but I was glad to have one of those tiny bottles of Jameson while getting through all of this one.

The plot just feels like it was written by three separate teams in different time zones and some poor schlub had the rather nasty task of assembling back together these various pieces into some sort of mutant frankenplot. Instead of rising, middle and falling actions - this movie has a plot structure more akin to a slightly retarded child doing windmills in the middle of the room.

Course, instead of writing something better the studio just decided to market the hell out of it. I've seen more coverage of Bee Movie than a political candidate. And sadly, some of the mini-skit-commercials Seinfeld did to pimp this whore of film were possibly better done than the film tiself.

Go rent that anime movie you've been wondering about instead.


Winkyboy said...

Yeah, Bee Movie. Hmph. We just watched it and, having a three-year-old, I gotta say this movie is not targeted at anyone in particular. It's DEFINITELY not aimed at kids because there are a lot of inappropriate topics ("are you her little... bedbug?") and most of the conversation is Seinfeld humour, which is wordy, rambling, and loses the attention of kids pretty quickly. As for adults, it's rather aimless in its plot. My sister absolutely loved it, but I find myself scratching my head.

Josh said...

That's a good way to describe it ... audience-less. Like various parts were intended for one or another, but as a whole it's just somewhat lacking for anyone.