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Friday, March 21, 2008

TV Watch: Lost, Meet Kevin Johnson

If anything, this episode was interesting because it was the first one this season to focus so heavily on a flashback ... and yet the flashback is closely tied to the current events of the island it almost didn't feel like a flashback heavy episode.

That's a good thing, because quite honestly the flashback heavy episodes of recent seasons have felt a lot like filler.

Instead we get some great scenes with Michael, some insight to his life post island, some basic feel for the time slip between the "real" world and the island (enough for Michael to make his way to New York, estrange Walt, meet Mr. Friendly, make his way to Fiji and board a freighter ... compared to what ... a week of island time?), and a concrete reference to the island ... not Jacob ... as an active player in the game.

Sayid's decision to out Michael is interesting as it shows his current alignment ... against Ben and anyone associated with him ... versus what we've seen of him later. I think we can also say safely that Widmore's goal is to kill everyone on the island ... but I still don't buy that it makes him "bad" and Ben "good" ... rather that they are just two opposing forces. Hanso was probably in Widmore's position at one point, and then Ben helped the natives take the island back. Widmore isn't planning on repeating that mistake.

The ending was a bit odd. It seems pretty certain Ben was planning Karl's demise and possibly Rosseau's as well. How could he know Alex would survive though? Ben's ability to more or less see he future is something to behold. And I'll love to see him pull a million dollars out of his hat.


Unknown said...

I could care less about knocking off Karl. But Rosseau?! What the hell, that was such a lame ending for her.

The whole thing felt so obvious, and so cheap. Why now? Does Ben think he can regain Alex's affections after that? It just doesn't make much sense, and was such a cheap way to kill off characters. I was dissapointed.

Josh said...

If I had to lay a guess, I'd say we haven't seen the end of CFL just yet. I would hope, in fact, that this sparks off the arc to complete her story with Alex (which honestly is a huge whole left open from season one).

But I'd agree - I would not have been surprised to see a sign made out of comic wood labeled "TRAP!" next to a tree out there...

sterno said...

A couple thoughts on this episode:

1) The Island's ability to extend it's influence through the world is a pretty huge revelation. I mean it's always been implied a bit, but this is the first direct action at a distance we've seen by the island.

2) I continue to love Sayid. While I know, in the end, he ends up doing the same job Michael's been doing, I just enjoy how little tolerance he has for BS.

Michael: blah blah blah, and I work for the bad guy now.
Sayid: *THWAP*

3) I can only hope that the Minbari will seek vengeance for Delen's murder.

Josh said...

1) Yeah - they've never been so obvious about it before. Nor have they so directly tied it to "the island" and not left it open to some potential organization or group.

In hindsight, it means the "antagonist" of season one isn't DHARMA or anything ... possibly just the island.

Course - this doesn't really surprise me :)

2) Sayid and Hurley get gold stars from me for behaving like real people and not like persons with plot-induced amnesia or apathy.

3) +10 geek points...