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Monday, March 19, 2007

Dev Diary: The Ugly Head Of Performance (again)

Yeah, it's getting a little frustrating.

I'm not even sure what pushed it over the edge this time - it might be because I was finally trying to get maps which resemble actual play up and running and the size is simply too much (again). It's not unplayable ... but it is annoying.

Not sure what to do at this point. I'm looking at the interactive fiction code I've got and thinking maybe I should try melding it in. Torque Game Builder is out of beta, so perhaps Garage Games beat the OS X performance issues and bugs down. I'd like to keep in the spirit of "an easily mappable" roguelike somehow, but I'm not sure which avenue to take.

Sigh. It occurs to me that I haven't really found many web-based games I've really liked, really felt compelling - Flash, DHTML or otherwise. I'm thinking I see why.


Patrick said...

I had this same problem getting Cuttlecandy to work in Flash. I'm just now getting out of three months of development hell by working with a real engine. I do think a good tactical multi-player game would work with a Flash client.

Josh said...

I wish I could handle Flash better, but I just suck when wandering in someone else's graphical concpet of an IDE. I'm a coder, and having to flip through frames of animation to find my code annoys the hell out of me.

Flash could possibly handle what I'm trying to do more elegantly (on the right machines). But I don't have the time to get it there.

It's also annoying because I keep fixing the problem, and then run smack back into the closer I get to something really playable.