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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TV Watch: More On The Riches

Second episode last night and I think we're officially hooked on The Riches. It's a standout because this family of Travellers is somewhat unlike what we're used to seeing.

Take AMC's Hustle ... also a big favorite around our place. The con men (and women) of Hustle are incredibly smart and sophisticated. They have a code. Everything is the long con to these people. You watch not because you're honestly afraid these people will get caught - although it remains a remote possibility - you watch because you assume they're smarter than everyone else and you want to see how the work.

By contrast, the "Riches" are essentially white trash thieves. They'll beat one of their own in a bathroom stall. They're extremely talented liars, sure, but whereas the crew in Hustle seems to make calculated moves to better their chances of success ... the Riches seem to be almost constantly stumbling farther into jeopardy. Their lies seem to be only capable of leading into bigger lies which will all that much harder to support.

Hustle is an orchestra. The Riches is like a jamboree.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hoo-dog, I shore do love me some jam-bo-ree! An a jamboree with Eddie and Minnie is eben more temptin. I'm gonna haff ta downlo me some of dis show.