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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

10 Maxims For FPS Games offers up some academia, including 10 tips for FPS design - including this one:

Create a world that invites, encourages, and rewards smart thinking

Combining fallback points, fortified positions, and stretches of exposed ground intelligently allows the player to choose when to make a run for safety or to take a stand.

Example: Far Cry. The mixed terrain and objects gave the world a “real” feeling, allowing stealth or brute force to move Jack through the game.

Always running in circles or darting around the same corner to pick off one enemy at a time is boring, and forcing the player to figure out the “trick” is an exercise in frustration (not challenge) if done poorly or too often.

Example: Painkiller. Despite featuring a wide array of locales and enemies (and lots of them) every level managed to be the same combination of jumping in circles as enemies appeared from every side.
-- The Academic Word: Ten Maxims Every FPS Should Follow

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