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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PS3 Backward Compatibility List

Sony's official list of backward compatible games for the European launch is up for perusal. It's a very mixed bag. Yes, there are lots of titles - although many seem to be slotted at least the "minor issues" level of compatibility. Katamari is noticeably absent from the list (both versions) and Killzone has a "noticeable issues" rating. Shadow Of The Colossus, on the other hand, has "no known issues".

The list also includes PS1 games. X-Com isn't on the list. Looks like I'll be hanging onto my PS1 a while longer (assuming by the time I get a model, it will have software emulation)

Update: The Baldur's Gate, X-Men Legends and Champions of Norrath series are all missing as well. Ultimate Alliance has "noticeable issues".

Update 2: Psychonauts fans will be happy to know it has "no known issues".

Update 3: Oddly all GTA's have "no issues" except San Andreas and Vice City Stories ... which have "noticeable ones".

Course, the thing to remember is that this list will only improve with firmware.

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