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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

TV Watch: Cheerleaders and Cameras

The show is finally getting a pace which feels at least like a jog instead of a stagger. Still, the plot seems to suffer from some pretty convenient mechanics. Creepy Geeky Villain always seems to know where to be and always seems to be able to get there in a timely fasion and always can sneak in and now he can bring his buddy along as well. He's so omnipresent in the show that it starts to get a little hard to swallow. Just like how Heroin Painter Dude somehow published a comic in the last few weeks when he's been strung out on drugs and ... well ... painting (and not many comics are painted by one guy).

And since when is having Multiple Personality Disorder a superpower? Whore Webcam Babe doesn't seem any more capable than your average psychopath - especially compared to Hiro ... who is not only by far my favorite part of the show but also the only character I care enough about to remember his name.

Studio 60
Love it. Watch it. Need I say more? OK fine - I'm a bit afraid they're pulling out the whole Harriet romance angle too quickly. Sports Night survived on innuendo and undertone for almost a season before letting the romances get tragic. Still, it's a great show.

Veronica Mars
I'm still enjoying the show, but last night's episode was oddly disjointed. V's motive for getting into the "case" seemed missing, once again she seemed to almost stumble onto the solution and her apologizing to Logan felt almost like a twist ending. Gee, who could be surprised at not trusting Logan "Bumfight" Echolls? I mean, Logan is one of my favorite characters because he's fairly complex - but we haven't really seen much from him lately that spells trustworthy in terms of a relationship.

V's still my girl - but I'm afraid the show is losing it's noir. I don't think Season One Veronica would have protrayed Weevil's beatdown of a boyfriend in a brief piece of dialogue. But hey, at least he's back.

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Thomas said...

Belle and I are just upset that Weevil didn't stay at Mars PI--it was such a great use of the character, and would have really channeled his aggression. Putting him on the college campus feels forced, and waters him down, even if it is more class-conscious.

Josh said...

I don't disagree - although I do think that with the amount that they bug people, track cars and pretext phone conversations ... adding a felon to the payroll might be a bit much :)

But I do think it would have been neat for his character. Neater than janitor boy or whatever. Still, this might be a hint for the future (if VM makes it that far).

I do think the divide between V at home and V at college was starting to feel a little noticeable.

Tony said...

That scene with the gambler and his muscle punching out Hiro was one of the best moments of TV this season. For that scene alone I'll keep watching Heroes.

Josh said...

That was excellent. At first, Hiro seemed a bore ... but now his scenes really seem to have a spark that the others are missing. It's either the energy the actor is bringing or the fact that he's the most unique storyline.