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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lost: Deja Vu Too

Why was last night's episode called "further instructions"? Because Locke can't do anything without the island telling him? Including apparently ... talk?

There seems a conflict with Locke's persona here. In one hand, he seems to be a leader constantly trying to struggle out of the herd. He's always under someone's shadow or thumb. Including on the pot farm, he seems to under the grip of the group more than he is able to charge on his own. This is how I was reading the "farmer" versus the "hunter" bit.

But he's still under the thumb of the island. Looks to stay that way. And speaking of the island having thumbs - what's up with Desmond? He survives an implosion with little more than a wardrobe malfunction. An implosion being that thing where everything collapses around you ... actually making it significantly more difficult to escape than say ... an explosion.

And not only is he OK ... he can tell the future? I hope the producers aren't going with some kind of "starchild" approach here where Desmond's actually dead and this is just some kind of Island Energy Being or some whatnot.

Overall, I'm with Hurley. I've got a bad sense of deja vu here. I keep getting more questions to toss onto the pile and slight little in the way of answers. This season we've learned the existence of Otherville (no big deal) and that they get baseball scores (also, no big deal). The Lost Experience has given us far more pertinent answers. By this time in Season Two, we knew more about DHARMA, the hatch and the experience than we would find out for the rest of season two.

Next week looks like more Other antics with Sawyer and I'm guessing Jack in the limelight. So I'm not expecting much new revelation there. Hopefully the mid-season cliffhanger will actually bother to explain something.

I'm starting to really feel for people I know who have stopped watching the show, however. A co-worker who has been on the edge of not watching commented this morning that, "last night was just a show ... take it or leave it."

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