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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Family Guy Released

Developed by High Voltage Software, the Family Guy video game involves a unique combination of arcade-like action, platforming, combat, and puzzle-solving as gamers play through three stories that intersect in typical Family Guy fashion. As lovable oaf and father Peter Griffin, players fight to stop Mr. Belvedere from taking over the world. As Stewie, Peter’s diabolical young son, players match their wits against his arch-nemesis and half-brother Bertram as they also vie to take over the world. Lastly, players slip on a collar and drink a martini as Brian Griffin, the family dog, and attempt to escape prison to prove his innocence in a puppy paternity case gone awry.
-- 2K Announces Family Guy Video Game Now Available

Damn, that sounds awful. Combat and platforming? In Family Guy? Simpsons Hit & Run set the bar for me when it comes to video game cartoon licensing ... I'm somehow not in high hopes for this one.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, they do have some combat in Family Guy, but platforming... thats just lazy game design.

Also, I find it a bit pejorative when the term gamer is used as distinctive from any other consumer of popular culture.