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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lost: Polar Bears and Podcasts

Podcast Revelations
In the latest podcast (stop reading now if you avoid such things as spoilers), the producers confess that Ben is probably older than DHARMA itself and has been on the island all his life. They suggest that this throws the general thinking about the Others into a bit of a curve. Are they ex-Dharmites or possibly the remnants of the natives the Dharmites experimented on? If they're the latter - why would DI still be making supply drops (especially since funding is supposedly cut now) if the inmates are running the island?

Why would anyone be still on the island running experiments?

Also, I didn't even realize that I called the numbers being an output of Valenzetti's back in May. Go me. One prediction right out of like 100.

Telepathy, Empathy, Whateverthy
I think evidence is mounting that Others are capable of some kind of mental hocum pocum. Firstly, they can generate lists of names in record time. Secondly, they always seem to be able to ascertain precisely what is on someone's mind. Ben seemed to be constantly aware of what everyone was thinking when he was a hostage. And again with Kate during breakfast. And Juliet had an incredible amount of information on Jack when she was working him over.

The Scooby Doo alternative is that they are just highly trained interrogators ... with access to an amazing amount of intel.

But the added weight which leans me to the metaphysical is that the island seems to constantly throw this at the Losties. Their past and their little worried thoughts aren't just flashbacks - they're boars and horses and people oh my.

Polar Bears and other tidbits
Lost still has a remarkable number of loose threads. Not just big stuff like the Others and numbers. The cable Sayid found. The transmitter we never saw. The corpses in the caves and their odd black and white rocks. The song on the radio that shouldn't be. Polar bears running loose for some reason. The cigarrete in Pearl. Planes which shouldn't be able to make their way to the island crashing on the island. Even the voices and the sickness seem to be more background noise than a concern.

We're about half way through the "first half" of the season (remember this year they're splitting the show into two smaller seasons with a mid season replacement and avoiding reruns) ... and I think they need to start knocking some of this stuff down. Hopefully they're intertwined. Adam and Eve we're assuming will be explained with the "native" explanation. The cable, transmitter and cigarrete might be explained with a fuller view of how the island works (underground tunnels, etc.). The song on the radio and crashing of planes probably connected to whatever "veils" the island.

Old Smokey and the bears, I'm still guessing, are connected. I'm thinking tonight we might learn more.

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