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Monday, October 16, 2006

Bedroom Programming

BBC has a quick overview of the modern bedroom game developer - a term that I'm completely for because it makes it sound so sexy when in reality you just make your significant other wonder when you'll do something productive. It's honestly not a great article because it splits it's time quoting Peter Molyneux as an example of what bedroom programming can do - while acknowledging that those days are over - and then talking to some length about XNA Studio (but nothing that would be new to a Cathode reader).

My goal (for the record) isn't to make the next Populous or Tetris so much as it is to try different things and hopefully get something that might add to the dialogue of games in general. Same goal as when I was modding - just that now as a "bedroom programmer" I might have an excuse not to have highly detail models (since oddly modders don't get that excuse).

To that goal, this weekend I got Rectango hooked up pretty proper to the spectrum data iTunes provides for every song and put in some basic effects which qualifies it as a fairly simple visualizer. I was having some doubts about the minigame design for this - but I think I've decided to push ahead with it for now. If one game turns out wildly stronger than the others, it might become "the" game.

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