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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why Mylo Is Doomed

An old associate of mine, Preston Grallla said it best: “So let’s sum this up. It’s a device for people who are devoted to instant messaging, but won’t work with biggest IM networks in the world. It costs as much or more than handheld gaming devices, but won’t let you play games. And the Skype capabilities are nice, but the target audience already has cellphones.”
-- 5 Reasons Why the Sony Mylo is Doomed to Failure

I'm terribly inclined to agree. Mylo feels like the PSP's mutant stillborn cousin. It looks like a great hardware design, but a primarily text messaging orientated device which ignores the vast portion of text messengers? The article at RealTech goes into more detail, knocking it's lack of games and cost. Which again, feels accurate - because why drop $350 for this instead of a PSP anyway? To not IM your friends on AIM?

If anything, Mylo feels like an attempt to add a keyboard to the PSP that accidentally made it's way to a product line. Just add the damn keyboard in the next PSP and call it a day.

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