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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

And we're back...

Sorry for the complete lack of updates yesterday. The Girl and I closed on the condo and then proceeded to head over to the new place and sanctify in the name of our Dark Lord, Shibburath. Kidding, of course, although with as smoothly as we got away with signing stuff it almost seemed like we had the devil on our side. We got through all the legalese in about two and half hours and there's very few issues still open.

Signing for property, to wax geekly for a moment, is actually a lot like coding. You begin with nothing, then you define all your important variables and then you define all the important functions. Everyone compiles the results and gives it a proper checksum, and then it's sent off for processing.

Yes. It was that boring that it deserves such an analogy.

As an aside, though, we've got lots of packing to do and eventually I'll probably be without internet at home for a while. So if I go dark for a little while - it's not that I don't care.

It's that I'm trapped inside a box. Send help.

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