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Thursday, August 10, 2006

This Is Absurd

As if Jack Thompson wasn't already considered a total disgrace all around the planet, we now hear the man is going to appear on G4TV's Attack of the Show tomorrow night. We're going to assume Kevin Pereira himself will interview the pseudo-lawyer, and we'd like to think Kevin may do his best Bill O'Reilly impression while interviewing this attention hog.
-- Jack Thompson to unfortunately appear on AOTS

As if Attack Of The Show had any integrity to lose ... they're now just pissing all over the remains of that integrity. As if it's bad enough that they can't take five minutes of googling to vet their guests, they're going to give airtime to the man personally responsable to lowering the cultural debate on videogames to the level of playground politics.

What possible point is there to putting a camera in front of this lunatic? Oh right, Attack Of The Show follows the gaming journalism school of "let's see how much controversy we can stir up". Great. As if it wasn't bad enough that mainstream press treats him like some kind of authority, the gaming press will now jump into the game. Must have gone down like this:

"Hey, did you hear about that guy who believes the PlayStation has created an army of manchurian children, described the PlayStation 3 launch as the next Pearl Harbor and called the head of the ESA a modern day Goebbels?"

"No! My god! When can we put him on the air????"


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1 comment:

Troy Goodfellow said...

I tried to watch a video of the show itself and couldn't finish. If you are going to put a demagogic halfwit like Thompson on the air, at least debate him instead of yell at him. There are certainly more cogent critics of gaming out there, but they don't inspire the loathing among gamers that Thompson does.

Total waste of time.