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Monday, August 07, 2006 Updates

Apple's website has been updated to match their WWDC announcements. Here's the superquick overview:

Mac Pro:
Gee, what a shocker. It's an Intel 64-bit monster with more options than you can shake a credit card at. Start at $2499 and max it out to your liking.

Leopard Preview:
Leopards' more than just a new skin on Tiger. Boot Camp is getting out of beta, they're adding automagic back-ups via Time Machine, and a whole pretty new toy called Core Animation for developers (not to mention XCode 3.0 I guess).

Edit: Xeni a la Boing Boing reports:

For developers: Dashcode helps you design, develop, debug. Canned widgets, source library, javascript source editor and debugger. For endusers: Webclip. Select item from internet (Dilbert comic strip shown), clip it, drag to dashbaord, and you can have a widget that will show you every day's new edition of a comic strip, for instance. Or, an eBay auction: select, apply a theme (torn edges), then transform into widget -- it's live, so you can still navigate through the webpage in its clipped widget form. Or NYT Bestseller list. Or webcams. Have a widget of a webcam on your dashboard. Throughout day, you work, then bring up dashboard and you see a live webcam feed you've selected (much applause, much catching of breath).
-- Boing Boing: Liveblogging Apple WWDC06 in San Francisco

Also Spaces, which is basically this year's Expose. Easier way to support multiple desktops (put all your dev apps running on one desktop, all your porn on another ... swap when boss walks by ... that kind of thing).

30-Inch Cinema Display:
That would swallow me whole, I think. No iSight for every garage like some had expected, it seems. Still, when it comes to monitors - size matters.

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