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Friday, August 11, 2006

Insert Credit And N64 Kid's Aunt

I'm not really up to speed on this kid and N64 (eBay) ... but apparently it's all the rage right now. Doesn't seem terribly compelling stuff, but insert credit got the oddest phone call, from the kid's aunt.

N64 kid's aunt: So his video has gotten something like 2.5 million views since it went up, and his myspace gets over 70,000 hits daily, and there are tons of parodies over on YMTD...

very confused brandon: I believe it!

N64ka: So this is kind of a shot in the dark, but do you know if anyone would be interested in making a game about it?

vcb: Like...a videogame? I don't see how...

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1 comment:

Patrick said...

By sheer luck I managed to find that earlier withou having to rely on your brillian aggregation services. It struck me that the woman has both respect and utter ignorance about the medium. It also struck me that the magic circle is weaker than first suspected.