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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thoughts On Justice League Heroes

This is based on Joystiq's preview since I'm not blessed with advance copy powers.

"Streamlining" the coop down to two players seems like a bad idea. The four player system of X-Men Legends was easily one of it's strong points. It was great that someone could jump in at nearly any time and play on and then jump out if they so needed. As I noted on Corvus' thoughts on casual gaming, easy starts and exits really help the couch co-op experience.

Maybe I'm speaking too much as someone who has often played games like Champions Of Norrath with a full complement of people - but going from four to two is a downgrade, plain and simple.

It also doesn't sound like they've changed their minds about upgrading superpowers. Boo. What, Superman will need to "learn" his ice breath again? What is this, the N64 version? Superhero powers are something which, if at all, modify at very slow rates over their life story. Wonder if they'll include "gear" as well. Does Superman really need better gloves to punch better? Can't he already, like, punch through a planet?

And speaking of - if they handle Superman just like any other character then I'd say they've missed a design mark. Bad enough to have Juggernaught (who is invulnerable) and Rogue (also pretty much invulnerable) going down like pansies in the X-Men game .... the big cape himself having to worry about hit points?

Meh. Granted, I'm a sucker for the genre. I've got Teen Titans in the pipe from GameFly and that's supposed to totally suck.

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