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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Apple's Parental Restrictions in Leopard

Joystiq has a post which takes a jab at Apple for singling out World of Warcraft on their Leopard preview page:

More flexible parental controls in Leopard mean you can place restrictions on use of the Internet. You can, say, specify a time of day and duration for your child to play World of Warcraft. And with new remote setup, you can set parental controls from anywhere.
-- Apple - Apple - Mac OS X - Leopard Sneak Peek

OK, well ... boo hoo hoo for World of Warcraft. Because nobody ever plays that game way too much. Let's focus here, people ... we can't bitch and moan about people decrying video games and then poke fun at companies trying to help parents control them. I would much rather have Apple build in controls that makes parents feel better about their kids gaming than listen to jackass lawyers who probably still have a cell phone the size of brick rail on the evils of playing. I really hope Vista includes something similar and wouldn't mind seeing the next-gen consoles follow suit as well. Most of the parents I know who are really involved and in touch with what their kids do with computers - limiting the when and how much is generally job one.

So, congrats to Apple for taking the right step forward.

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