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Monday, August 14, 2006

No Dev Diary

If you ever want to get anything done - do not purchase a new condo and attempt a move two weeks aftwards. Except to check email, I haven't even touched the computer at home. Which sucks because I'm reasonably certain I know the precise lines I need to change in order to get my code to be recognized by iTunes. Possibly (probably) wrong ... but it's annoying because I can practically change the code in my head - but it's really hard to compile that way.

Living with The Girl makes it even worse ... for dev I mean ... it's great for packing. With someone else there, you always feel like you should be packing and you're constantly goading each other into helping for this and that. The end result is a kind of uberproductive synergy which can only be penetrated by the occasional slurg of beer and perhaps a really funny line from the bad movie running the background. The result is that we've gotten a lot done ... a lot done ... but we're now at the part of the project which, quite like software development, feels like an endless mile of discovering new things to accomplish. They're small - but they're plentiful.

So assuming we don't just snap and tear the place down - we should be done sometime Friday and ready for the move on Saturday. Course, I don't even have a desk to put my computer on yet - so even that sigh of relief might not be enough to get back to work.

It seems like having such a good excuse to not get development done should feel better than the "I ran into Guild Wars" one ... but it oddly doesn't.

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