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Monday, August 14, 2006

The High Def Stalemate?

Researchers have predicted that the ongoing High Definition (HD) DVD format war will end in a stalemate with neither format getting an upper hand in the global market. Studies have concluded that both formats could either achieve a ‘knock-out’ position of market dominance and both coexist until they come up with a compatible solution or neither format will be successful.

Presently, HD DVD which is developed and supported by the DVD Forum is not compatible with the revolutionary Blu-ray Disc (BD) format, developed by Sony and Philips. With DVD prices falling rapidly in the market, there is increasing industry pressure for a next generation video format to accompany TV’s shift to high definition. However, the format war is expected to cause damage to the market for high-def DVDs overall.
-- Moneycontrol Tech Blog > HD DVD Format War To End In Draw?

Short version: the winner of the format war will be the peeps who invent a really cheap, really functional dual format player. To date, neither Sony nor Toshiba have given consumers a reason to give a damn about one format over the other and hence, we don't.

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