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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Darkness Adds Exclusive Blu-Ray Content

Speaking of the PlayStation 3, 2K was very forthcoming during our demo when it came to discussing the benefits of the new system and how it would affect The Darkness. Because of the Blu-ray format, for example, Starbreeze plans to include additional videos that exploit the "television watching" feature which currently consists of the classic "Nosferatu" vampire silent film (in its entirety) and five 30-minute Popeye cartoons. The publisher isn't sure what the PS3-exclusive videos will be just yet, but we suggested an episode of Top Cow's old Witchblade TV series -- not because we think every game should have a moment of pure and total horridness, but because we think it would be funny. Send your damnation letters now.

Additionally, Starbreeze is also looking into taking advantage of the PS3's tilt controller and is considering some possible changes with another feature we can't talk about yet. Xbox 360 fans shouldn't worry about feeling left out with all this talk about PS3 exclusives, though, as other than what's mentioned above, the game should be damn-near identical in every way.
-- IGN: The Darkness Preview

Was wondering when we'd satart seeing this. In some ways, it's kinda nostalgic - with CD-ROMs we saw early development shoving tons of video into games with extremely mixed results. Now Blu-Ray offers developers enough space to include interesting exclusive content (or make similar mistakes).

I'm still wondering when we will see the first hybrid movie/game Blu-Ray disc. DVD's have already toyed with this path, so I can't see why anyone wouldn't, except that consumers may not want the theoretical $80 price tag to go with. Course, since so many movie game tie-ins are bargain bin material anyway...

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