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Monday, March 06, 2006

Star Wars: Empire At War

I downloaded the demo for the latest Star Wars RTS this weekend. I'm not really a big RTS guy, I think because I don't find the actual strategy terribly engaging. I'm more of an X-Com or Laser Squad type than the Zerg type.

I did like some of the overall design with the galaxy map and the outline of the rebels versus the Empire. I actually really liked the space combat. I used small recon squads to ferret out just how much I would need to defeat the Imperial forces and actually nailed it perfectly. I destroyed the space station with only a few X-Wing to spare.

Then came the ground combat, though, and I just kinda lost interest. I didn't know why I was giving orders to Jawas, the fog of war seemed especially peculiar and someone jammed Unreal's Domination mode into it, I think. Or they should have. Either way, it soured me completely on the title.

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Troy Goodfellow said...

From what I'm hearing, the demo isn't exactly representative of the full game. Which kind of defeats the purpose of a demo if you ask me.

Anyway, what I have read has convinced me that this is an "I'll get it later" purchase.

Josh said...

It has been well-reviewed, so it might warrant a budget buy down the road. Even if there was a way to only worry about space battles or something like that not apparent in the demo, I'd give it a second look.