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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lost: Lack of a GLUT

Drat, another repeat last night.

I have a friend who is really into the show, but is practically skipping this season ... and is going to catch up marathon style when it's over. Part of me wonder if that's not the way to go. I'm way too addicted to try it.

I've pondered, lately, my own Grand Lost Unification Theory, or GLUT. And I don't really have one. Honestly ... I don't think there is one, and I think that's part of the trick of the show. Looking for one thing, like a intelligent magnetic clouds, to explain all the phenomena isn't going to cover it all.

Rather, I'm guessing that as we get more DHARMA information, combinations of their various studies will explain thing. Cloud monster might be magnetism + remote viewing. The coincidences might remote viewing + metereology + spy network. I'm clearly loosely defining weather prediction as potentionally proginstication here.

The shared phenomena are still the ones I find most confusing. Kate's horse and Wet Walt in particular. Charlie's and Michael's behavior could just be an illness. I suppose they could all be illness ... perhaps zoology (as in virus) + remote viewing could actually create an epidemic capable of shared hallucinations. Whatever it is, Ethan's group is scared of it.

And when I say things like "could", I mean it in a very 50's sci-fi kind of way. The sort of logical leaps which allows for giant ants ... because we know nuclear radiation can provide mutations, even though that's highly unlikely. My guess is that this "low sf" is where the writers are heading. If they get too heady and hit "high sf" like Matrix or eXistenz on us, there will likely be a revolt.

My other guesses right now include: DHARMA is not limited to the island. Hanso's goal is not to create a utopian island, but a utopian world. I still think there is an "Emerald City" on the island somewhere. Not necessarily a rich and pretty place, but a large and more modern headquarters for DHARMA. What we've seen so far are just outpost stations.

After last week's episode, I considered revising the "two Others" guess. If Alex is working for Ethan and Zeke, then perhaps Ethan and Zeke are working together. But if Alex really is both the person who helped Claire escape and the one who handed Kate to Zeke ... then perhaps she's part of an underground working to subvert Ethan's group.

Who knows? Next week is a repeat as well, I guess, so we've got plenty of time to ponder.

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Deacon said...

I've been thinking that maybe there were two separate mysteries on the island that intertwined: DHARMA and The Island Itself.

That is, DHARMA either chose the island for its strange properties, or picked it at random and, after settling in, noticed bizarre phenomenom. Their crazy experiments interacted in a bad way with whatever was there originally.

Maybe the idea that DHARMA is entirely to blame is a small fakeout.

But I could be very wrong. We'll see.

Josh said...

I think the Black Rock proves you (at least potentially) correct there. Unless the ship just crashed on it's own accord, something brought the ship in well before DHARMA existed.

My guess is that the island has a few natural properties. I'm guessing it's like an eye in a Bermuda Triangle, where magnet readings will be thrown off, and the island might have the capacity to control magnetic waves ... something DHARMA has tapped into so that they can keep the island a secret and perform "deliveries"

Michael Birk said...

Keep in mind that Ethan is dead. He appeared in Maternity Leave via flashback only. Charlie blasted him :-(

Also, it's unconfirmed, but highly suspected, that "Zeke," or "Mr. Friendly" (Sawyer nicknamed him Zeke), is one and the same as Gerald DeGroot. The DeGroots were the scientists mentioned in the DHARMA film.

Finally, the producers have, supposedly, ruled out a few cases, such as nanobots and "high sf." (Which makes you wonder about the "Security System.")

Of course, you know all this already ...

Josh said...

Yeah, I need a better name for "Ethan's Group", since it's really "Ethan's Group With More Living Representation" ... but since both Goodwin and Ethan bit it....

A lot of Lost forumers have decided that Zeke Friendly is DeGroot, and I am somewhat leaning in that directions. Just something about the actor's appearance though.

The Smoke Monster re-ignited the whole nanobot theory until people reminded them that the producers had given it the smackdown. Friend of mine here in Chicago adheres to the purgatory theory, even though the producers have declined it as well.

Still, sentent clouds capable of reading minds ... that's start to scratch high sf pretty quickly.

Michael Birk said...

The Smoke Monster re-ignited the whole nanobot theory ... sentient clouds capable of reading minds ... that's start to scratch high sf pretty quickly.

I agree. However, my guess is that we are going to find out that a lot of the "apparitions" (such as the Security System, the whispers, or the visions) are actually clever multimedia displays, designed to fool.

The fake beard is a clue that "The Others" have been purposefully putting on an elaborate show to hide their true identities.

For that to be the case, though, I think John Locke has to be in on it. (After all the Security System nearly "dragged" him into a hole.) But I think that anyway ;-)