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Monday, March 06, 2006

GameFly is pushing it

First there was the pain and annoyance of getting Rez actually delivered and now the next two games in my q, Electroplankton and Devil May Cry are completely MIA.

Am I just spoiled by Netflix, which has now gotten shipments to us in under a week, and waiting 10 business days normal? On Thursday, it will be 14 shipping days ... or twice what their FAQ reports as their delivery window.

Anyone out there use a different service with different results?

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Thomas said...

A week for Netflix? Jeez. Here it's a two-day turnaround. Maybe your post office is watching movies on your bill.

Josh said...

Well easily within a week. If we drop something off on a Mon, we might have it by Wed or Thu. Before they did the barcode scans and stuff, it would be about a week.

GameFly seems to be playtesting before sending...