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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Senate Approves CDC Video Game Study

Terrorism? Incompetent Homeland Security? Ballooning national debt? Overextended military forces?

These are not the things foremost on Senators Lieberman, Clinton, Santorum, Brownback and Durbin. No, no, no. Video games are enough of a threat to warrant a sweeping CDC study:

Even though the legislation--called the Children and Media Research Advancement Act--does not include restrictions, it appears to be intended as a way to justify them. That's because a string of court decisions have been striking down antigaming laws because of a lack of hard evidence that minors are harmed by violence in video games.
This "is a big step toward helping parents get the information they need about the effect of media on their children," Lieberman said after the vote by the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. Lieberman's two Republican co-sponsors of the bill are senators Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and Sam Brownback of Kansas.
-- Senate panel OKs video game study

To be fair, it's actually a witch-hunt on virtually any kind of electronic media ... not just video games. Oh, did I say ... witch-hunt? Right, well ... what do you call a scientific study to further provide the groundwork for the exaggerations we've seen in the media and politics? Basically, since there continues to be no real link between these media and problems of the state ... real problems which would worry taxpayers like crime not problems like unruly kids ... they're just going to keep spending money until they find some more nothing.

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