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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Making of Shadow Of The Colossus

Thanks to Pixel Kill for finding this detailed, technical look on how the visual effects, like HDR and bloom, were achieved for Shadow Of The Colossus ... despite the PlayStation 2's relatively meager hardware:

Occasionally, when you would move from a bright place to a dark place (and vice versa), it seems that the effect gradually moves to it's proper brightness. How did we do this kind of dynamic tone mapping?

When you move from inside the sanctuary to the the outside, because you have left the scene box in the sanctuary, the effect there stops being applied. This is done as a binary (on/off) decision, but if the scene were to change suddenly, it would look visibly unnatural. So, when the player leaves the box, there is a short interval where it gradually changes into the effect of the next scene box.

I perform the fake tone-mapping effect by changing smoothly from "Inside the sanctuary, outside scene is drawn bright" ==> "Outside the sanctuary, outside scene is drawn normally".
-- The Making Of "Shadow Of The Colossus"

That reminds me. I still have to beat the final giant.

...dang, I just read the bit where the fur is similar to volumetric rendering (think fog effects). That's cool as hell.

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