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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Randolph Carter

I've managed to sneak in some time to rewrite portions of the upcoming horror interactive fiction. Rewrites have become pretty easy since the code seems completely stable now, just about as easy as actually rewriting a story. Most of what remains is going through the tangents and cleaning stuff up, although I'm still changing out major portions and might end up tacking on a few new endings (or extending current ones) before letting anyone read it.

The new processor and fan for the CheapBox is being withheld until I get this finished. Must motivate self. Somehow.

The story is based on The Statement of Randolph Carter, and this is for a number of reasons. The story's structure lends itself to what I wanted to try first ... and that's the main thing. Course, Randolph is fairly well known to readers of Lovecraft, so I hope I'm not going to muck things up too much.

Couple Lovecraftian things I found while stumbling for research:

- This, um ... indie film based on the same short story

- A guy posing as Randolph Carter to pull a reverse e-mail scam

- Thomas just put up the "Innsmouth Blues", a piece he did with Electroplankton.

I'm kinda resisting the urge to update the code a bit to make things a little easier, since I know from experience that it could introduce new bugs. Probably just take notes for the next piece.

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