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Friday, March 24, 2006

Nintendo Innovates

Yeah, I know. Not Earth-shattering news or anything, but Reuters thought it kinda was. They bring up tons of stuff covered elsewhere about how Nintendo has made gaming more casual and appealing to a broader base. It's interesting, I think, that Nintendo has figured out how to grow up with the hardware design so that everything looks less like a toy ... while at the same time making games which are less "hardcore" and yet totally addictive.

I still can't decide if I'm going to sneak out and get Metroid: Hunters. A wifi shooter is too good to pass up, so it's inevitable that I'll get it. However I'm trying to finish the Lovecraft IF, I've started poking at an Unreal mod (though I said I wouldn't) AND I'm finishing up some design doc type stuff for the Torque 2D Mac project I was working on ... it's like I need to take a vacation just to get side work and gaming done.

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Thomas said...

Alice compared it to Quake 3 when she saw it at GDC, and having played it a bit more I'd say that's a really good description. There are still some strategies that haven't matured (melee attack spamming can be unbelievably frustrating, and I haven't developed a counter yet), but it's a lot of fun when it works. The single player is pretty good, too.

So yeah: buy it. You know you want to.

Josh said...

It will likely happen this weekend, although if I get off to a good busy start ... I might be too productive to play.


That will happen.