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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Metroid Hunters Review Via IM

The Brother found Metroid Prime: Hunters at Target, after being told by Best Buy employee that they would get sued if they sold it before the 30th. Never let it be said that high school education is being wasted by Best Buy management. His reactions over AIM follows (broheim is not his real IM, if you were thinking of spamming):

[12:23] *** "broheim" signed on at Tue Mar 21 12:23:44 2006.
[12:30] inkless1: so have you tried it yet?
[12:30] inkless1: you're playing right now
[12:30] inkless1: aren't you
[12:57] broheim: yup
[12:57] inkless1: how is it?
[12:59] broheim: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[12:59] inkless1: wow
[13:10] broheim: I haven't tried deathmatch yet. I've just made it through the first part of the first single-player level.
[13:10] inkless1: oh wow
[13:10] inkless1: I just fig'd you were playing MP
[13:11] broheim: I wanted to get used to the interface first, though I did just have my first boss encounter with one of the other bounty hunters, which is probably pretty close to the deathmatch
[13:12] inkless1: how is the touchscreen? Are you thumbing it or something?
[13:13] broheim: yeah, using that little thumbpad on the wrist strap. It actually works pretty well. You use the thumb to look, the cross to move, left shoulder to fire, double-tap the screen to jump
[13:32] broheim: MP is pretty sweet-- It picked up my WiFi settings and ran with them, even taking my Nickname. It found a match much more quickly than MK, giving up on finding three others and just settling for the one it found.
[13:32] broheim: I definately need more practice, because I got pwned.
[13:32] inkless1: heheh
[13:33] inkless1: it's all those youngin's and their cocaine juiced reflexes
[13:33] broheim: But the controls seem to work pretty well. Circle strafing wasn't a problem. I think I might want to adjust the sensitivity on the touchscreen. But no lag, and the framerate clicks right along
[13:34] broheim: aw crap, I've gotta go to work
[13:34] inkless1: life isn't fair

So far it seems another success for Nintendo and their WiFi platform. Poor Mario Kart ... it's so last month. I don't know if I'll pick it up soon or not ... I'm desperately trying to focus on the interactive fiction these days and playing with Guild Wars PvP is bad enough.

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