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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lost: Three Different Suns

The same question posed to a philospher and a scientist can create very different results. My philosophy teacher learned us in the dangers of a priori thinking by asking how to prove that the sun would come up tomorrow (I will try to get through this without any Annie jokes). You can assume that it probably will, based on your past experiences and how the Earth moves and whatnot ... but you can't actually prove that it will.

Whereas the scientist wouldn't give such an obvious question much thought, knowing precisely how improbable it would be for the Earth to stop turning or the Sun to vanish or ... well, whatnot.

And so we come to our dear little Sun on the island. Which is it? The obvious answer to Sun's mysterious pregnancy is that there is no mystery. The scientist would say that it's logically improbable for it to be anything but conception by two fertile parent ... one of them likely not Jin. Occam's Razor and all that. The philosopher, however, might point out that all that being true ... you can't necessarily prove the case that Sun's child isn't the result of something ... less predictable.

Which is what the island seems to be based on. Do you accept things with some faith, even if they aren't logical? Or do you push ahead with your previous beliefs and knowledge and accept the practical? Simply ... are you a Locke or a Jack?

Given the oddness of the island ... I'm leaning to the former right now. Course, I don't know what that does to any existing theories. Imaginary horses and backward talking hallucinations are one thing ... but now we're messing with immaculate conceptions? Or maybe nanosurgery?

Best counter argument I've had to this is ... "Why Sun? Why aren't all the women being ... um ... changed?"

Which I could only respond with, "The island is not a slut."

Not my best comeback. Still, I don't know where it fits with what's going on with the island, but I'm sure it has something to do with it.

Oh ... and Henry Gale is totally evil.

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Michael Birk said...

Man, that episode sucked.

And, is it just me, or are the "soap opera stares" at the end of each scene becoming more noticeable and more annoying?

Michael Birk said...

Oh, and remind me never to watch the "spoilers" again. They showed the balloon! ("Why isn't it raining on us?")

Of course, that doesn't disprove your idea that Henry Gale is evil ("if I were one of them, I'd lead your friends into a trap ...") But it's still lame.

LOST is losing me.

Josh said...

I hate it when I notice that kind of stuff ... the stock director cues. Smallville, for like two seasons, ended nearly every scene with an "expressive reaction" shot of one of the characters. Gets really cheesy fast.

And this spoiler sucked hard. The balloon spoiler, showing the siren like fifteen times, showing the blast doors closing and the melodramatic and hard to really buy into "5 THINGS WILL HAPPEN" ... well, it's an hour show buddy roh - five things better happen.

Still, I liked the episode for the most part. There's just not much to chew on, for the most part. Balloon, pregnancy, Gale's identity ... there's nothing to really put together or guess ... it's just waiting to see what happens next.

Gale's our best mystery. My guess is that he is an Evil Other (in case there are Good Others) ... but he's also telling the truth. Well, about that there is a balloon and something happened to the ballooners ...

But I don't think anyone who was innocent would have given that "gee, wouldn't be horrible if I placed your friends in a deathtrap" speech.

If I was an innocent bystander who had just been pummelled and locked in a room for a few days, my speech would have been:


Michael Birk said...


Mmmm ... DHARMA Flakes! My favorite!

Josh said...

Only brand on the market laced with enough psychotropic medicines to induce group hallucinations ....