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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Take Two Buys Irrational

According to Reuters (ignore the almost humorous mistake in the title), game publishing company Take Two, backers of the wildly successful and controversial Grand Theft Auto series, have purchased Irrational Games ... known for Freedom Force and SWAT 4.

This has me a little nervous, to be honest. Irrational seems like a nice little shop. When I questions about SWAT 4, they were happy to oblige with answers. Take Two is a large house with some fairly shady history, business-wise. SWAT 4 is, imho, one of the most underrated games of recent history. Take Two might either mean more coverage or less innovation.

Update: IGN has an interview with Ken Levine of Irrational. According to Ken, "Since the acquisition, I think they've been to our studio once. And once you hear more about BioShock and the other title, I think the last thing you'll worry about is us being creatively compromised."

So. You know. Whew.

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