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Monday, January 09, 2006

1 Very Odd List

Joystiq points to GamerGod's 10 Most Interesting People In Gaming 2005 list. And I'm glad they copied the list on the blog, because it doesn't show up in Safari. I'm guessing this list was created in about five minutes and partially fueled by some combination of beer, nicotine and crack.

10. Patrick Wildenborg - The guy who unlocked “Hot Coffee.”

OK, that's not a bad start. PatW did some interesting work, granted not in a vacuum, and was fairly eloquent about it in the long run.

9. Jessica Chobot - The girl that licked her PSP to become a celebrity.

Is that interesting? I would use another term. Perhaps ... sad?

8. Rod Blagojevich, Governor of Illinois involved in the "Hot Coffee" scandal.

Well, Rod isn't really in the industry. And his involvement in the Hot Coffee scandal was pretty non-existent. Old Rob was going to push for anti-game legislation regardless and his "involvement" in the scandal was mostly just sound bites.

7. Patricia Vance, President of the ESRB

Maybe this is personal opinion, but I've found Vance to be mostly unclear and misleading. The ESRB could have made a clear cut position about mods and publishing at beginning of the Hot Coffee trouble, but instead they made conflicting statements over some time. Not really interesting. More like annoying.

6. Will Wright - creator of Spore

Had Spore been released in 2005, this might actually make some sense.

5. John Smedley, CEO Sony Online Entertainment - Mr. Smedley indicated a whole new direction for SOE games in North America.

There are probably a couple thousand SOE customers who know why this is nonsense.

4. Old Grandma Hardcore - a gaming grandma and her blog make headlines.

OK, point there. While I find the amount of attention OGHC has gotten kinda bizarre ... it's waaaay more interesting than tounging a handheld.

3. Brenda Braithwaite - Lead Designer for Cyberlore’s “Playboy: The Mansion” game.

Why is this more interesting that every other designer out there? Because she's a chick?

2. Leroy Jenkins - One small video of gameplay in World of Warcraft took the entire gaming community by storm.

Uh. OK.

1. Jack Thompson - ready and willing lawyer to do "Hot Coffee" combat in the name of the common good.

Now just frakkin shoot me.

Thompson is damn lunatic. In the name of the common good? More like in the name of his personal damn crusade against his own paranoia. The only way someone could make the mistake of assuming Thompson is the most interesting figure of gaming is they've never really paid any attention to him.

You know, the woman who used to sit on my block with a sign detailing all the people who had died in her life and wailed for hours at a time got plenty of attention as well. But she wasn't exactly the most interesting citizen around. Get my point?

10 most interesting? More like "10 people we could think of without having to google too much". 10 people and only two are designers here ... one for an unreleased game and another because they have breasts. No props for the ArenaNet guys for beating the MMO pay to play subscriptions? Nothing for Costik for quitting his gig and trying to rev up an indie label? If you're going pull out the big guns like Will Wright, why not go for Sid Meier for striking gold twice with Civ IV?

I guess, though, it's too much to expect from people who find licking a PSP one of the most fascinating events of an entire year.

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Patrick said...

That the had to grab Will Wright for game design innovation cred, because the man simply previewed his next game this year, demonstrates just how desperate the industry is for autuer driven innovative titles.

But hey, Jessica Chobot is alright with me.

Josh said...

Oh, I definately give Wright mad props for sparking a discussion on asset creation procedurally versus manually ... but not really for an unreleased game that at best is out of the design phase.

Nitpicky? Perhaps ... but if someone is detailing interesting people it's nice to be specific on why they're interesting.