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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Guild Wars: Factions Not An Expansion

ArenaNet rocks.

I had assumed that Factions, which will add new professions, monsters, weapons and other goodies to the critically acclaimed MMO Guild Wars was like every other expansion out there. An additional charge with the original game.

Nope. According to IGN, the new box is stand-alone to the original game:

Rather than offering an expansion, ArenaNet has designed Factions as a stand-alone campaign in the Guild Wars universe. Players new to Guild Wars can buy Factions and play on the new continent of Cantha -- and then buy the original Guild Wars when they're ready to play on the original continent. Existing players can grab Factions to add Cantha as a new realm of play, either using existing characters or starting fresh.
-- Guild Wars: Factions Revealed

How hard do these guys rock? I heard Chuck Norris did a roundhouse kick on one of their producers and the guy lived. That's how hard.

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Brinstar said...

I love NCsoft. LOVE.