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Friday, January 13, 2006

Illinois Gov Seeks Gaming Expansion

The same guy who tried to make a moral mountain out of scientific anthills wants to expand gambling in the state:

This expands gambling. In gambling you can’t win. The more you play, the more certain you will lose. It’s a game of chance,” said the Rockford man, who is the executive director of the National Coalition Against Gambling Expansion. “So you have a governor who has pledged not to expand gambling come and change his mind. And then try to say we should get upset about it, that it’s not a big deal.”
-- Keno plan for education funding gets quick opposition

Hypocrisy? Sure seems like it to me. To try and censor the sale of games which there is very little proof of social harm while later seeking to expand another kind of gaming with lots of proof that it raises social problems seems pretty hypocritical. So, if it's possible that Timmy might act up in class, we need the state to come in and protect us. But if it's going to send your dad into a state of abusive alcoholic poverty, that's OK.

Just so long as the state makes some money in the long run. Have to keep an eye on what's important, ya know.

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