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Friday, January 13, 2006

Essay For Parents From A Game Developer

The always worth-the-read Dean Takahashi penned an open letter to parents yesterday:

Neither Lieberman nor Senator Hillary Clinton, who are sponsoring the Family Entertainment Protection Act, play games, but what they may not realize, is that a lot of adults do. Ironically, Arnold Schwartzenegger, who has not only starred in “ultra-violent” movies but licensed himself out for Terminator videogames, has jumped on the family entertainment bandwagon as well. The California courts, however, seem to agree that is all much ado about nothing.

As teens inevitably turn into twenty- and thirty-somethings, they will bring a familiarity with game genres to steer their own children toward fun and enriching family entertainment, which in many cases will happen to come in the form of a video game. The current unease over video games, like previous incarnations of this same argument over rock and roll, will fade into the generational mist.
-- An Essay For Parents From A Game Developer

Good stuff. Towards the end, where he says the best thing parents can do is game with their kids? Well, guys like GamerDad and Jeff Freeman have been saying the same thing. And when you read things like this, and then you read the psychotic nonsense of BatJack ... it really shouldn't take a lot of time to figure out the more rational side on this debate.

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