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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mods, Steam, Innovation, etc.

I totally blanked that Johnny Pi posted up his guestbloggery on Steam and Mods over at Design Synthesis. Guest bloggers amount to Corvus and myself ... and we manage to cover the vantage points fairly well I think. I shan't repeat myself here, especially since I am known for long winded rants on the subject and can't seem to keep a response under a paragraph.

Here is a bit of Corvus on the subject:

I'm a little torn about this. Quality mods keep Half Life alive and, presumably, will perform the same function for Half Life 2 and the Source engine. Crappy mods, as far as I'm concerned, are noise in the channel. When I go to log onto a server, the last things I want is to find dozens, or even hundreds, of custom mods, hacks, and maps, I need to download before I can find a server with decent ping to play on.

Is it tough to get noticed when you're a dwarf among giants? Sure it is. Is it fair? No. It does mean, however, you have to think faster, worker harder, shout louder, jump higher, and self promote your accomplishments like a carnie barker on meth (potentially redundant, I know). But here's a shocking opinion: there's not anything wrong with that situation. Not one damn thing.

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