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Thursday, January 26, 2006

25 To Life's "Moral Dilemma"

I don't think 25 to Life has been that well reviewed thus far, but I'm like the game's writer P. Frank Williams. The guy's defense of his work is straight on and honest:

"After doing this game, I experienced kind of a moral dilemma," said Williams, a former Source magazine editor and hip-hop awards show producer, who wrote the game's storyline and scripted its dialogue. He's married to MuchMoreMusic host Traci Melchor and splits his time between Los Angeles and Toronto.

"It's wild to be in Toronto where you guys are having the unusual spate of gunplay. It's indicative of our culture, but we have to be careful also with video games like this and just be safe and smart."
-- Violent game's creator admits to 'moral dilemma'

His take is that his writing isn't a promotion of violent crime, but a reflection of society. Some Senators and insane lawyers seem to think that if we don't write about things, don't portray them in movies or make video games concerning them ... that they will simply vanish into thin air. Somehow the joystick give video games a higher moral imperative than books or comics as well, and if you make a game tht mirrors the same content as a Hollywood movie ... then it's going to break down normal human behavior. Which makes about as much sense as proclaiming that gay marriage leads to incest, so I guess we can see where the problems our Congressmen have with rational thought exist.

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